skin2: Exploring the Seam between our First and Second Skin

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25 Apr 2018

10am to 5pm

skin2: Exploring the Seam between our First and Second Skin

Second in the series of multidisciplinary symposia on skin hosted by London College of Fashion
Organised by Professor Danka Tamburic and Professor Paul Matts on behalf of the Better Living Research Hub.


This second symposium in a series around the theme of “skin”, explores the seam between our first (biological) skin and our second skin (clothing) and their resulting intimate, intricate interaction. 
skin2 will present thought-provoking insights from Dermatology, Design, Material Science, Psychology, Business and Medicine to discuss our human species and its unique adoption of a second skin. skin2 will consider the individual and combined roles of our first and second skins, today and tomorrow, in the context of an increasingly challenging, constantly changing world.
The day will include lunch and will be followed by a drinks reception. 
If you have queries, please contact Ruzina Choudhury

Image credits (left to right): Dermal denticles on a dogfish shark, image courtesy of Alex Hyde as part of Biomimicry for Designers by Veronika Kapsali; foot skin inspired structure, image courtesy of OurOwnSkin; surface of healthy skin, image courtesy of Professor Paul Matts