London/Paris: Cultures of Youth

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27 Feb - 05 Apr 2018

London/Paris: is a collaborative project between the Central Saint Martins and the Paris College of Art Foundation programmes resulting in dual international exhibitions. This year students created work around the theme of CULTURES OF YOUTH.


Through a series of structured and self-negotiated tasks, selected groups of students from both colleges exchanged ideas, shared lessons, thoughts, and processes to create work that transcends their geographic and physical divides. The London / Paris: CULTURES OF YOUTH exhibition showcases some of the work created including film, photography, jewellery, fashion, textiles, graphics, sculpture and mixed media. 


Exhibition Design By: SMALLFURY

Project Sponsor: Eurostar

More information:

Head over to CSM News to read our interview with Ika Schwander, Central Saint Martins’ winner of the London/Paris project.


Image: Lily Watson