People’s Bureau

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01 Feb - 31 Mar 2018

Curated by Eva Sajovic

January - March 2018, Camberwell College of Art, Bootle Library, Tate Exchange

People’s Bureau is a long-term project of skill exchange in Elephant & Castle, started in response to the regeneration of the area. It’s objective is making visible the diversity of cultures, skills, networks and resourcefulness present in the area and beyond. 2018 marks the beginning of the next chapter by adapting the cart as it starts a new journey, connecting with other communities across the UK.

We have started our partnership with Camberwell College of Art 3D Design students and tutors. The objective is to adapt the cart so that it is fit for use on the future of the People's Bureau project. The adapted cart will then be used as part of public engagement programme, first in Bootle Library (Liverpool) and then as part of our Associate programming at Tate Exchange in June.

This is event is a part of our Creative Unions series.


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