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24 Jan - 16 Feb 2018

PLURAL FUTURES acknowledges the broad range of approaches to sustainability within the art and design practice of CSM staff and students


In the lead up to Green week 2018, PLURAL FUTURES will exhibit several projects in the CSM window galleries. From a speculative nanotech wormery to a student-led rooftop gardening community, this exhibition aims to showcase a snapshot of those approaches, find connections and provoke further discourse and action. 


Windows 1 and 2 will showcase PLURAL STAGES, a series of week long performance and installation works that respond creatively to data around climate change, urban pollution, consumer waste and inequality. Here is the full programme:

29 January - 2 February 

Ceramics students will perform the process of returning dry pottery to a workable state. 

5 - 9 February

Falvia Tritto - Falvia will carry out a progressive obliteration of the window, inviting the audience to reflect on the idea of (in)voluntary blindness in respect to climate change and pollution. 

12 - 16 February

Jody Leach Therma Cup - Jody will present his solution to the single use coffee cup. Therma is a reusable insulated ceramic cup, that will keep your drink warm for up to an hour without tainting the flavour, and remain cool on the outside. Therma holds 8oz (230ml), the same size as a small take away coffee. Each cup comes with a silicone lid in a choice of colours. 

Windows 3 - 7 |  29 January - 16 February

Window 3 - Gravity Light

Jim Reeves Gravity Light - The Gravity Light Foundation aims to improve the lives of people without electricity by providing clean, safe and affordable lighting. Combining kinetic and potential energy, GravityLight works by connecting an elevated weight — filled with rocks or sand — to a pulley system that slowly powers a generator as the weight falls to the ground.

Window 4 - Textiles

The textile industry is one of the highest contributors to pollution and material waste. Three BA Textile Design third year students have been made aware of their material, water and energy usage, and are working to become part of the solution. They aim to reduce waste and promote sustainability through creativity and design.  

Andrea Liu - Researched innovative ways of constructing with salmon skin waste from a local smoked salmon warehouse, aiming to produce zero waste textile products. 

Edie Evans - Aims to tackle to stigma of unappealing ‘upcycled’ garments, developing wearable fashion materials from a range of waste clothing. The produced outcomes are as sustainable as possible, with minimal material, energy and water waste.   

Molly Hayden - Taking inspiration from the abundance of colour at Brixton Market, she has recreated the eclectic feeling of the marketplace by using recycled materials.

Window 5 - Quantum Mine

Nina Culter (MA Materials Futures) and Liv Bargeman (MA Art and Science) - Quantworm Industries is a nanotech wormery, housed on a former coal mining site in South Wales. It utilises the earthworm’s natural ability to bio-remediate contaminated soil and bio-synthesize nanoparticles called quantum dots (QDs) from heavy metals. (Pictured above). 

This project came from a collaborative Biodesign brief between MA Material Futures and MA Art and Science. Nina Cutler and Liv Bargman were chosen to represent Central Saint Martins with their speculative ‘Quantum Mine’ at the International Biodesign Summit in New York last June, where they won first prize.

Window 6 - Ignition

Over the last few months, over 60 people from Camden and Islington have taken part in a participatory ceramics project run by CSM BA Ceramic Design and the Local Encounters project of creative engagement. The results will be showcased in the window gallery. 

Window 7 - Green Roof Society

The Green Roof is an ongoing project, transforming the underused CSM roof terrace into an exciting outdoor space. The space now features an urban garden, growing trees, plants and delicious edibles - all made possible by a small, dedicated group of students and staff who meet every fortnight on the terrace between 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Sign up on Facebook (open to CSM staff and students only).

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