Digital Coffee: Towards a New Softness

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17 Jan 2018

10am to 12pm

Shneel Malik investigates the possibilities of developing new ecological models for architecture by augmenting novel Bio materials with advanced Bio digital and Additive Manufacturing Techniques, encouraging a new sense of materiality. Holding central her research on 'Large Scale Fabrication of Algae - Laden Hydrogel Scaffolds', she aims to illustrate (both in theory and in practice) the importance of a multi - disciplinary approach that merges Architecture, Biology and Engineering.

Shneel Malik received her Master's Degree in Architecture from the Bartlett, as part of the BiotA Lab. Having worked with Creative Group, India she has been a part of the design and construction of Large Infrastructure Projects such as the 'Redevelopment of the Master Plan of Jamshedpur, 2057'. She continues to be featured as a design columnist in 'Abraxas Lifestyle, India', where she discusses the shift in design thinking - encouraging labs and studio practices to merge, giving rise to new design environments. She also co - curates the Inter - Disciplinary Design Workshops 'Co Lab' as part of the OSS Initiative, Paris.