Original or Authentic?

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21 Feb 2014


Original or Authentic? The Emergence, Formulation and Realisation of Ideas is an inaugural talk to coincide with Adam Lowe’s recent appointment as a visiting professor at Central Saint Martins.

It consists of an interdisciplinary presentation with Jerry Brotton, Bruno Latour, Adam Lowe and Simon Schaffer.

The evening revisits Lowe’s experience from 1991 when his artistic practice was transformed by an inter-disciplinary conversation that took place in San Diego between Adrian Cussins, Brian Cantwell Smith and Bruno Latour. This meeting resulted in the publication Registration Marks: Metaphors for subobjectivity. This book has been described as the earliest publication that documents “such interdisciplinary conversations regarding new approaches to objectivity from the end of modernity”.

Continuing this line of dialogue Central Saint Martin's is organising a unique evening bringing together Jerry Brotton, Bruno Latour, Adam Lowe and Simon Schaffer. Over the past 20 years they have worked closely together on a number of projects that blur the boundaries between disciplines and challenge the distinctions between the arts and the sciences. Their diverse intellectual curiosity, love of material evidence and celebration of the complexity of things has often produced surprising results and innovative ideas. They will discuss some new projects that are currently being developed - including a major new investigation into the aesthetics of the Anthropocene; Terra-Forming, Engineering the Sublime.

This event has been scheduled to coincide with Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess an exhibition organised by Factum Arte and the Sir John Soane Museum that will open at Lincon's Inn Fields, London on 7th March. This exhibition is a clear example of the way ideas emerge, are focused and made material.